Performance Marketing

Subject matter experts entrenched across every channel

Onestop brands grow 2 times faster than the rate of U.S. ecommerce as a whole.
34% Portfolio CAGR vs. 15% U.S. Ecommerce CAGR Since Q3 2011

The foundation of Onestop’s marketing strategy for partners will be our analysis, identification, and targeting of online customer segments. Our ecommerce experts can tailor your offering to the shoppers who are most likely to engage immediately with your brand, and we use cutting edge consumer research to build descriptive audience profiles that inform creative design, merchandising and promotions.

In addition to the implementation of A/B and multivariate testing programs, Onestop offers expert pre- and post-click optimization services throughout all iterations of your marketing message. Our team’s objective is that all messaging is optimized to deliver the right message to the right consumer at the right time.

Onestop uses an analytical KPI-based approach to identify profitable customer trends and act on them, recommending future tactics that help achieve increasingly ambitious growth objectives.