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How to Generate More Leads from Pinterest

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By Ashley Arcel, Contributor

Today, Pinterest is the fastest-growing social media site in terms of member growth and the second-fastest-growing site in terms of active users.

The platform features billions of pins and a broad base of users who like to spend money — a whopping 25 percent of Pinterest users purchased products they discovered on the site.

Pinterest is a valuable platform for marketers in all industries, but how do you improve your Pinterest presence to make the most of the platform?

In this post, we’ll discuss how you can improve your Pinterest presence today and generate more leads as a result. Read on to learn more.

5 Smart Ways to Improve Your Pinterest Presence

Whether your goal is to boost sales or increase engagement, these five tips can help you reach your objectives.

1. Pin Quality Content, Always

When it comes to Pinterest, improving your presence is all about ensuring the content you’re sharing is helpful, entertaining and valuable to your consumers.

For an example of a company that does this well, consider General Electric. GE has a “Hey Girl” board, which is filled with electricity- and science-focused “Hey Girl” memes.

Funny, engaging and unique, this board is a perfect example of valuable content that drives leads and engagement.

2. Create a Variety of Boards

To speak to the broadest possible segment of your audience, create a variety of boards, like Frye does for its customers. Each board should cover a different topic and should feature a mixture of your own content and content you’ve re-pinned from other sources.

3. Run a Pinterest Contest

Creating a Pinterest contest is a great way to promote engagement and drive leads for your company. In addition to helping you earn leads, a Pinterest contest is also a great way to build your online reputation and earn some quality user-generated content for your brand.

4. Show Your Products, Goods or Services in Action

As much as you can, create pins that showcase your products, services and goods in their natural environments. Lululemon does this beautifully on their various Pinterest boards. When you showcase how your products are used by your customers, you drive curiosity and engagement regarding your offerings.

5. Pin Often

Your Pinterest presence is only as good as your dedication to it. With this in mind, pin often and focus on quality in everything you do. According to Buffer, the ideal Pinterest frequency is between five and 30 pins daily.

While improving your Pinterest presence may seem daunting, these five tips make using the site simple and profitable for your company.