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November 14, 2016
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How to Use Technology to Reach 2016 Holiday Shoppers


Holiday retail sales in the United States can account for over 30 percent of a retailer’s annual revenue and over 19 percent of the yearly revenue in the retail industry as a whole.

Take a look at our three tips you should be employing this holiday season to reach digital shoppers this holiday.

1. Create Cross-Channel Marketing Plans

It is important build a holistic marketing plan that incorporates any channels your customers frequent. Online marketing will impact offline business as well, as research shows that 81 percent of shoppers research online before making a purchase.

Creating an online presence is more than just having a website or Facebook page. An effective cross-channel marketing plan will include these four things:

  1. Visibility across multiple devices
  2. Ability to measure impact and statistics of marketing campaigns
  3. Personalization through social media analytics
  4. Optimization of websites, products and services

Once you’ve fully integrated your cross-channel marketing plan, it’s time to take advantage of the various platforms to promote holiday products and promotions. Here are just a few ideas of ways to market across more than one platform.

  • Hold “follower-only” contests for customers that have liked both your Facebook and Twitter page.
  • Use a hashtag to promote a special item, promotion or event and incorporate it into your print advertising.
  • Create a “12 Days of Christmas” video advertisement campaign on your Instagram page and allow customers to upload their own to receive digital or in-store rewards.

2. Utilize Real-Time Promotions & Analytics

Predicting customer behavior has become one of the most effective ways to gauge, alter and maximize a marketing plan. By giving information to customers digitally and in real-time, you are equipping them with the information and encouragement they need to make a purchase.

Real-Time Promotions

Geofencing allows you to deliver information to mobile devices based on an IP address or device location, allowing you to provide information in real-time to your customers based on their location and habits. For example, you can send a promotion via SMS to subscribed customers when their device location is within a certain radius of a retail location.

Real-Time Analytics

Once you have reached your customers as they are making purchasing decisions, you can analyze your sales, brand engagement and customer satisfaction digitally. By doing so, you are able to cultivate a brand that caters to user preferences by showing more marketing content that is relevant to each customer.

3. Digital Rewards

One of the most popular ways to offer a digital reward is to utilize e-gifts or electronic gift cards. These cards can be delivered digitally across various platforms, including email, SMS, text and social media apps. A reward is an instant reminder that keeps your brand top of mind as shoppers make a multitude of spending decisions this holiday.  Know the times that will likely have the most shopping activity based on days of the week and shipping deadlines for the best timing to deliver your incentive.

This Holiday Season, Cater to Your Customers

This holiday season, technology is going to be your key in reaching the masses of holiday shoppers looking for a pleasurable and personal shopping experience. Put these three strategies into action for enhanced brand exposure, and to get the crucial in-store and online traffic you need to ensure a successful 2016 holiday season.