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December 2, 2016
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December 12, 2016

Shopping in a Winter Wonderland

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Shopping in a Winter Wonderland

Even if you thought winter would never come in the U.S., you’ll surely have noticed that the blustery season has made its annual debut. With frosty temperatures here to stay, outerwear is now in high demand.

That’s good news for retailers of denim, outdoor gear and winter fashion apparel, who lost big last year due to unseasonably high temperatures. Sales of seasonal items like heavy coats, gloves, hats and scarves stalled across the U.S., amounting to $700 million in losses, according to an article in CNN Money. The 10 percent drop in outerwear shopping led to longer clothing sales and deep discounts.

Now the winter clippers are making a comeback, bringing frosty air and snow to much of the U.S.. Shoppers are rushing to stores to get practical fashions, such as scarves and winter boots, putting retailers in a good position to boost sales this season.

Outdoor apparel stores will not only see the return of winter weather and fashion shoppers, but they’re also bound to see an influx of winter sports enthusiasts. Adventure-seekers will want to make up for lost time, after the lack of fresh snow and cold temperatures shortened the last winter sports season. Ski slopes and other outdoor sports venues, while they performed modestly last year, stand to benefit from the deep drop in temperatures and long-range forecasts for a cold winter.

With shoppers across the north venturing out to stock up on hats, gloves and mittens, stores like H&M and L.L.Bean are likely to see an uptick in customers. On top of that, boot manufacturers like The Frye Company will see their stores bustling with shoppers ready to don an array of high-end footwear.

The wintry weather arrived just in time for the holiday shopping season, plunging temperatures below freezing after Thanksgiving. Although preceded by an unseasonably warm fall in many places, the changed weather is now sending many shoppers rushing to their favorite outerwear stores.

Weather forecasters are predicting that the season of ice and snow won’t let up any time soon, leaving retailers with the promise of a long and lively winter apparel shopping season.